At SPARK, we bring the class directly to you! No need for commuting to studios or fighting for time slots; our talented SPARK certified instructors are prepared to bring the best instruction straight to your team, on your time.

Throughout the season, each instructor will focus on:

  • Technique

  • Strength

  • Alignment

  • Injury prevention

  • Power

  • & Flexibility

These core technical elements have proven benefits and results for improved technique, confidence, and strength at local and national levels, regardless of your team's current skill level.

Above all, we focus on the mastery of these skills rather than focusing on winning.


Is your team struggling with toe touches, interested in aerials, or pushing to get their splits or a quad? OR do you just need an extra set of eyes to help clean a dance? If your team is looking for specialized help with a specific skill or in a technical area of dance, then our custom workshops are exactly what you need!

Just like with our team technique classes, we are able to bring the instruction directly to you, on your time. We are happy to provide custom workshops to focus on:

  • Technical skills

    • Turns, leaps, jumps, aerials, etc.

  • Hip Hop tricks

    • Head springs, kip ups, stalls, etc.

  • Core technical elements

    • Strength, alignment, power, and flexibility​

  • Cleaning dances

  • Try out prep

    • Middle School, High School, College, and Professional

  • And more!

To learn more about our custom workshops or to receive a quote, contact us today!

As a coach, we know you have a lot on your plate which is why we are here to make things easier for YOU! We offer a number of services that directly benefit your team in the most convenient way possible. From technique classes and workshops to choreography, we're happy to provide all the services you are after with little-to-no work on your end!

Browse through all of our offerings below and get in touch TODAY to get started with SPARK!

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At SPARK, we offer a wide variety of choreography styles built to suit every level of dancer and dance team. Whether you are look for a fun half-time hip hop dance or an advanced state pom routine, SPARK can provide exactly what you need!



Our talented choreographers are happy to create any style of jazz routine for your team. You can pick from one of the many "typical" styles such as lyrical, hard-hitting, musical theater, or modern; or let us know what you are looking for so we can create something you will love! Click to learn more or contact us today to get paired with one of our many talented choreographers!



Get the crowd pumped with an exciting pom routine from one of our talented choreographers! We will work with you from the start to select the perfect music mix and provide a unique routine that fits your team's talents and skill level. Whether you are looking for something specific or just a fun routine to perform at half-time, let us know and we will be sure to create something you love! Click to learn more or contact us today to get paired with one of our many talented choreographers!


If Hip Hop is more your style, then you've come to the right place! Our talented choreographers have provided fun and exciting Hip Hop routines for teams across Colorado and the US. Whether you're looking for a half-time hit or a competitive routine, we'll always be sure to create something you love! Click to learn more or contact us today to get paired with one of our many talented choreographers! 


Are you looking for a fun half-time performance? Or maybe a Game Day, Team, or Kick Routine to compete? Whatever the case, we are happy to provide exceptional choreography for any style of dance you may need! Just let us know what you are looking for and we will be sure to pair you up with one of our many talented choreographers to find the perfect fit for your team and routine! Click to learn more or contact us today to get started!



It's never too early to start teaching athletes the proper technique and skills to succeed on a High School Dance Team. At SPARK, we offer high school coaches a unique experience for implementing both elementary and middle school feeder teams to start providing children with the technical and mental skills they will utilize as they grow into the high school dance team world!

Each of our feeder programs provide dancers with a fun and unique dance team experience all while benefiting your existing high school program. Check out the following information to see just how easy it is to start a feeder team and find out how each option can benefit your high school team and program today! 


Our elementary feeder teams are a great way to get young athletes started learning basic pom and dance team skills in a fun, weekly class while receiving a kickback donation!


Our middle school feeder teams are a unique opportunity for middle school athletes to begin learning the specific skills they will need for their future high school dance team. 


We know as a coach, your schedule is already busy enough as is. That's why

and MORE!


are a few simple things.


Dates for performance


Big sister mentorship



Support from your team & program!


Reap the benefits with little to no work on your end! Receive a 10% kickback by starting an elementary feeder team and watch your program grow and flourish by having kids start to learn the ropes early on a middle school feeder team!


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